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My name is Evelina . Im born 01.12.92, in Fontainebleau/France , i love my bestfriends and my dad <3. Now i live in Deutschland with my dad, and love that . I can describe me as a bitchy person for times, but im very kind [aa], and maybe im getting more kind if you rates me & comments me. Something you will reject on, if your not doing it. People have a tendency to call me a fake . But let me do it clear for you; IF YOU CALL ME FAKE ONE MORE TIME, I CALL YOUR MUM, AND TRAVEL HOME TO YOU AND KICK YOUR AS! Well, Im a huge fan of Tokio Hotel, and Bill Kaulitz . Im stupid, but smarter than you will know;], I love to keep learning "HOW to use HTML", Im a pretty big nerd at school, but thats because of that i want to come far with my education :]. If you are dissagree with me, and want to take a conversation over that, your maybe disgusses with wrong person, because of me; you will hear the truth :]. I have the world most bestfriends, EVER; You guys know who you are <3, you are worth more than millions of money, <3. Connie & Sissel are the most adorablest girls in my life, and in the world [L]:*... For them who didn't know; im Bill Kaulitzes eksgirlfriend . On My freetime, i use to write my own songs, and sometimes i go to the record studio, and records some of them . Im not that person you can call a "good singer". I love Deutchland & Japan, i've been in Japan, and think their pretty cool who lives there ! And Deutschland are a georgeuse land . Something i always will mean . IF you ever wanted to catch up a fight, you should be careful, because I am more stronger than you ever will know, if im not beating down people, i use my words ! Something you don't like to hear ;]. Hahaa, I like sex x']], something who are offical for you guys to know about me; i love it ^^. And no, im not naughty, as people have asked me several of times x']. Now, i have two piczo pages, but i suck in update them, and also i think Piczo SUCK ! My mum had canser for over a hole year, but the 01.12.07, on my birthday, she gave up the fight ! On My birthday... She was always supporting me. But now, shes gone, forever. And people like to tease me for that ! So i say; get respect for people who have lost someone . AND, take responsebility guys, show the world that you are a person with a adult personality ! =] I love my dad, im a real daddy girl, just love spending time together with him, and i think its because i don't want to loose him either . I have a kittenboy, who i have named Bill Kaulitz, i love it. And Never im giving it away !!
I love Colours, because they are colour up my life, if im sad !, I love Bill Kaulitz, i love everything with him <3. When we was together, we did much stuff together, Bill is that boy, every girl wants ! But in real he is just a normal guy, who runs crazy x]. I love my friends, for who they are ! And we're ment to be bestfriends <3. I love my bed, and my ipod and my lap top, or, i love my hole room, because its decorated with my private stuff, i also have a huge taste for Tokio Hotel, And i will love that person forever, if that person buys me a premium member ship on VF ! .
What i have in my handbag suppose to be secret, but okey, i have a huge one, so there i have; Ipod, Toothbrush, Lap top, Cellphone, sigarettes, pictures of Bill, money, make up, hairbrush, schoolstuff[when im at school].
I think people should think over what they do wrong; People like to fake people, and hang peeps out on the internet, for pretending that they are them. Wannabe'S can go to hell, i don't handle they, or whores. Why can't people just don't get a life? And, Rules is boring. Ihate rules, they are made up because the parents want to bother their children, and thats unfear. When my pc hangs up goes all down, omfg. I hate when it hangs up, i get so angry thanx']. Bitches are more like me, so thats why im a huge hater of my self, because im a bitch. Teachers can go hanging their self, they can't decide how a student shall look out. Stupid people have huge problems, thats sad, because i hate stupid people. So maybe you can get a life?[aa]. Homework are boring stuff, but sad that i have to do them for making my education better. Be sick are like getting the hole world over meself, and its not good, i'll promise you. People who thinks their cool are like wannabe'S, and themselfenjoyables. Mobbbing are a HUGE problem here in the world, because people don't respect them for that way they are. Omfg, people have to be their own way, you know; you never gets far with saying that your more perfecter than other. Because you ain't, maybe one day you'll get back. Than is it to late for rejecting. I hope that you don't keep on with mobbing or holding on with it, because people who do that don't take responsebility, and they are childish to. Something you possible never gonna lie behind you. football sucks .

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