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( -/- )
18.3.08 16:47
Hi , love your blog. how do you do That ? it is freaking good ! <3
well , i just want to ask , for a while ago , someone told me That it was antoher guy who was The father , But now it stands on Billy ?


/Levinnea .
( -/- )
13.3.08 15:30
I just had to write here also.. I can't belive i was like this against you . im soo sorry for everything, and have no words against you now. I just wanted you to die, if im going to be true.. Because that bitch told you eveything.. but now.. Everything is gone.. Our friendship also, i think.. Now your gonna be a mum soon, and im really really happy on your ways. Everyone here thinks your dead.. Because of stupid rumours.. And Mettleva has moved to Norway, but maybe she is coming back . Almost all my friends has moved away, someone lives now in Spain , but most of the guys has moved to New York / USA , or longer down in Germany, f.example; München. But what i wanted to say was that i wish you good luck with your birth, and that i miss you :/ <3

Luws ,
Levinnea .

( -/- )
13.3.08 15:10
EVELINA ;* . OMG, HOW LONG SINCE I TALKED TO YOU LAST TIME, OMG! HOW ARE YOU DARLING?;* . sorry for the capslock , im just really glad i found you ;-¤ . And you traveling noow :/ , i miss you , you know :/ <3 . congratulation with the pregnatcy..<3

ilove you of the most baby ;*
Hugs, Carolina ;-¤

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