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New day .

Today Simone came, And i and her went to the hospital in France {Montpellier Languedoc Mutualite Hospital Hebergement} . It were okey with the baby, and now its just 5 months and 1 day left. It sounds out like its forever , but in real its soo little time for me who are nervouse. I slept up in the bus, with the other guys this night.. And before we went to sleep, it were soo much talking about the baby. I have NO IDEA whats gender it is, and dont really want to know it, BEFORE i have birthed it. Billy sang to my belly this morning, before he maked breakfast, and omg.. He is so sweet when he sings "Guardin Angel".. But its so great to see that he really want to be a father. Write more tomorrow :D . I have also changed layout.


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- Simone & Billy
14.3.08 14:48

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