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Owwh, today i've slept almost all day long, because i've been sick, & dont feel ready for doing something. I got served "Pizza" & coke on the bed today, because my boyfriend were kinda worried of me.. I also got the most perfect love letter from him earlier today, and seriouse.. I cried as i were like a 3 year old brat. And last night Billy were to the dentist, & when he got back, he were soooo dizzy that he HAD TO lie down, while he slept of, and slept to 10:30 this morning, and went to sleep again 12:45 or something. I can't really describe HOW MUCH this means for me , having him also ;-¤ . tomorrow i & a friend are going to the hospital for the month survey. And im pretty nervouse , because now its 5 months & 2 days left.


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- LaFee- Weg von dir
- Billy ;-¤ <3
13.3.08 15:07

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/Levinnea . (13.3.08 15:13)
Omg Evelina, just 5 months & two days left Ö, how amazing isn't that ?o.o .
i fucking love you , you know darling ;* . Its bad that your sick and stuff , and im not friends with the gang anymore. Because when you leaved Germany, it made me think of what we had done against you. That really hurts me , but i understand now that you dont really want to speak with me anymore, but i wanted to tell you, good lucky with your baby, and that i miss you alot honey ;* . very nice site too, btw ;-¤

Levinnea ;*

Connie (13.3.08 22:13)
The time is running, hon ;-*
But i wanna know if its a girl or boy, so badly Ö . You gotta tell me with once you get the kid (aa) . I can't wait to August 08 (H) <3

i love you freakin' much, darling ;*
- Connie.

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