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Wished it were weekend . ♥

Hi people . ♥ im new here actually, so i have to find out more how i can make this site better. Before this, i had piczo which sucked alot. So i found out that everyone had 'Myblog', so i regisrated me here. Sorry my english really, im not specally good. but i'll try. Im pregnant btw, and the father is anonymous. Euhh. Some friends of mine are from Norwegian etc, so they may not understand so much german, so i write in English . Im not finished on this site, im coming to update alot i think. And because i have Bill Kaulitz banner, is because i love him , really much ;$ . Now its only 5 months and 3 days till my termine is. Im sick very often, and my back is like boooah. I hate it, cause it hurts so badly. the father to the child is protecting me everyday.. And today he asked if we coukd talk, while we slept of on the guestroom & he were holding around my belly.. Every night he sing to it, he love it.. Just Love it! I cant describe HOW unbelivebul this is for me, and i have never thought he would accept me for the first time i sayd i were pregnant to him. I got hoocked on "With You" by Chris Brown. So thats why its the song of the month♥. The page on "Preciouse" , is still under construction. And the "news" site, im possibly coming to write on. but not now.


- 12:39.
- Tokio Hotel; Durch Den Monsun♥
- Billy, David & Georg.
12.3.08 12:39

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Sandra. (12.3.08 17:34)
I wished it were me who was pregnant. And im sure the father is proud, Also:D . I wish you good luck on the termine day, & im sure he will be there supporting you ;* .

loveu ;*
from Sandra .

Connie (13.3.08 19:06)
I can't wait, Evelina x3 .
I know that the father is getting proud,
good luck at the termine day . I know that the kid is getting cute as hell ^_^ <3

love you ;*
- connie.

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